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A Map for Gaza

This was a map project I did for the "A Map for Gaza" project lead by Carolina Saiz. This is a collaborative project involving map illustrators from around the world to support and pay tribute to the territory that is being destroyed and the people who live there.

Seeing the genocide and destruction of Gaza, especially how it has been largely affecting and targeting kids, has been absolutely heartbreaking. I wanted to focus on these kids and the parks where they once played and got to just be kids. I learned so much about the strength and resilience of the Palestinian people through creating this map and am in awe that even in the worst of times; they are still finding ways to bring joy and play to children.

Client: A Map for Gaza Project

Creative Director: Carolina Saiz

Scope: Map illustration

Applications: Map to educate and raise awareness for what has been lost in Gaza

Medium: Digital illustration in Procreate

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